Fancy Descriptions

Take full control over your product and variant descriptions.

Get Fancy Descriptions on Shopify

View and navigate through your entire catalog

Your entire catalog is imported into the Fancy Descriptions embedded app.

From one convenient screen you can search by your product ID or select a product from the the products table.

Get a quick overview of each individual product and the number of variants associated with it.

Powerful extended editor

The Fancy Descriptions editor is very much like the Shopify native one, with a few more features.

You can edit and update your product's title, the optional main description, and most importantly the descriptions of each individual variant.

Once you are done editing the product and its variants simply save your progress and Fancy Descriptions handles the rest.

Built in emojis, special characters and much more

Emojis are fun, connect with your audience by using the built in emoji menu.

Add in special characters such as Trademarks ™ and Copyrights ©. No more copy-pasting.

Intuitive table creation menu, font customizations (size, color, background), and a redo/undo menu.